1/3″ IT CCD, Infrared model, resolution 560TVL, video output CCIR, size 29 x 29 x 32 mm


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Small size. Big performance.

The XC-EI50/CE and XC-EI30/CE incorporate the latest 1/2 type and 1/3 type Interline (IT) CCD with near-infrared sensitivity. Sony surface mount technology results in an ultra compact, rugged unit that provides high quality images.
IR lighting has become very popular in machine vision applications. When used with an IR LED illuminator, these cameras can capture clear images because of their sensitivity at infrared wavelengths. In addition the XC-EI Series camera modules have high overall sensitivity. This makes them suitable for low light environments as well as for special IR lighting conditions.
A single standard 12-pin connector provides control of input/output signals as well as power.
The recommended camera adaptor for these units is the compact and lightweight DC-700/CE.

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