1/2″ IT CCD, resolution 460 TVL, video output PAL


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The cameras offer a single cable solution and are designed so that a video output signal can be obtained by only providing a power supply of 12 V DC. The ultra-compact, one-piece design eliminates the need for a bulky CCU (Camera Control Unit), allowing the XC-555/555P cameras to be easily installed in space-restricted areas. In addition, the XC-555/555P cameras use a unique, compact NF mount lens system that can be converted into flexible C mount lens. Furthermore, the XC-555/555P are highly functional DSP cameras that can be remotely controlled by RS-232C. The RS-232C interface allows the cameras to control various functions such as Shutter Speed, Red/Blue level, Pedestal, AGC and CCD IRIS. The rugged and robust construction and high image quality make the cameras suited for the most demanding applications.

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