1/2″ IT CCD, resolution 560TVL, video output CCIR, size 29 x 29 x 32 mm


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Small Size. Big Performance.

The XC-ES50/CE and XC-ES30/CE are ultra compact, lightweight one-piece black and white camera modules incorporating the latest 1/2 and 1/3 type Interline (IT) CCDs which produce new levels of picture detail. With miniature dimensions, these units can easily be installed in places where installation was previously difficult for larger cameras. All four models have identical dimensions and controls, making it easy to interchange between modules and also with the XC-EI Series.
A full range of settings is available for differing subject and lighting conditions, with all camera control switches accessible from the outside of the camera. A single standard 12-pin connector provides remote control of input/output signals as well as power.
Excellent shock and vibration characteristics, together with an outstanding MTBF, make these cameras ideal for demanding machine vision and imaging applications.
The recommended camera adapter for these units is the compact and lightweight DC-700/CE.

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