150 722 Kč bez DPH182 374 Kč s DPH5 797 EUR bez DPH

3 x 1/3″ IT CCD, resolution 850TVL, video output PAL


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The Ideal camera for space-limited applications such as medical, research and industrial fields

The Sony DXC-C33/C33P incorporates a DV output terminal which allows the camera to output images by DV format. A DV output terminal is first introduced to the DXC Series, and also first to this type of cameras.

In spite of its compact body, this model inherits superb picture quality of the DXC Series. Its horizontal resolution is 800 TV lines and the minimum illumination is 2000 lux at F8. Also, various features such as Dynalatitude function, Partial enhance are provided to this model. The camera head can be remoted up to 30 meters from the camera control unit.

The DXC-C33/C33P also has medical approval.

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