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3x 1/2″ IT CCD Exwave HAD, resolution 850TVL, video output PAL


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With so many functions, the DXC-990/990P is the perfect choice for a variety of applications

The DXC-990P is a 1/2″ type DSP 3-CCD colour video camera which incorporates Exwave™HAD technology – a new Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F11 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies. Using a K Mount lens and providing resolution of 850 TVL and a high S/N ratio of 63 dB, the DXC-990P is ideal for machine vision, industrial microscopy, digital photography, portrait proofing, webcasting, amusement rides, point of view (i.e., sports shooting,) and scientific image capture applications. The DXC-990P features DynaLatitude, Digital Detail, Partial Enhance and Color Shading Compensation functions which are useful for microscopy applications.


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