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2/3″ IT CCD, B/W, resolution 1360 x 1024, 16 fps


Product overview

The XCG Series incorporates the GigE Vision interface, which is specifically standardized for machine vision applications based on Gigabit Ethernet technology. In accordance with the growing demand for large-scale systems, this interface enables the cameras to transfer a large amount of data over long distances. The use of an Ethernet cable and availability of a wide variety of peripheral devices contribute to significant cost-cutting benefits when designing a complete vision system. Moreover, by incorporating a packet re-send mechanism, the XCG Series can securely transmit data to the host computer. These cameras retain some functionality such as bulk trigger mode, sequential trigger mode, and a partial scanning function. The XCG camera series offers choice, flexibility, and high image quality options to match your specific inspection application requirements. By utilizing the features and benefits of the GigE Vision interface, the XCG Series expands the possibilities for factory automation and security applications, while also delivering the potential of significant cost savings.

Product features

Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country

Compact size

This new camera is quite compact (44 x 33 x 67.5 mm). Its form factor is standard and could facilitate its integration inside
various vision systems.

GigE Vision interface

The adoption of the GigE Vision interface adds to the outstanding value and performance of the XCG camera series. Answering
the growing demand for large-scale systems, the XCG Series can transfer large data over long distances (up to 100m). In addition,
the cameras are reinforced with a packet re-send mechanism that can eliminate the loss of transferred data. Furthermore, the
overall cost of a vision system can be reduced with these cameras thanks to the availability of a variety of peripheral devices.

Driver for XCG Series

The XCG Series is equipped with a Sony-provided, dedicated driver. This image filter driver enables jumbo-packet data transfer
across all industry-standard hardware. It is also capable of non-GigE Vision data transfer in GigE Vision environment.

Bulk Trigger Mode/Sequential trigger Mode

The XCG Series features an advanced “Bulk Trigger Mode” and “Sequential Trigger Mode”, in addition to its conventional
trigger mode. “Bulk Trigger Mode” allows the XCG Series to capture up to 16 images in rapid succession using a single
software or hardware trigger. “Sequential Trigger Mode” periodically sends a software or hardware trigger to the camera
to capture the successive images. With the cameras’ memory channel, up to 16 different settings can be called up to capture
these images. Thanks to these beneficial trigger options, the XCG Series reduces the need to receive signals from the host

High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Thanks to their excellent quality of its mechanical design, the XCG Series cameras deliver outstanding performance in the
most challenging environmental conditions.

Vertical and Horizontal scanning


Vertical binning

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country

Image device 2/3” type progressive scan IT CCD
Standard picture size (HxV) 1360 x 1024 (1,450,000 pixels)
Cell size 6,45 x 6,45 µm
Resolution depth 8/10/12 bits/pixel
Lens mount C mount
Digital interface 100BASE-T (GigE Vision compatible)
Frame rate 16 fps
Sensitivity 400 lx F11 (0 dB)
Minimum Illumination Less than 0.2 lx (GAIN + 18 dB, F1,4)
Gain control 0 to + 18 dB
Partial scan Vertical/Horizontal
Binning Vertical (1×2)
Readout mode Normal Binning/partial scan
Shutter speed 2 to 1/100,000 s
External trigger shutter Pulse-edge detection mode, Pulse-width detection mode, special trigger mode (Bulk trigger mode/Sequential trigger mode)
Readout features • Gamma correction (LUT) • Built-in test pattern • Binarization
Memory channel 16 channels
Power requirements DC +10.5V to +15.0V
Power consumption 3.1 W
Dimensions 44 (W) x 33 (H) x 67.5 (D) mm
Mass Approx. Less than 145 g
Operating temperature -5° to 45°C (23 to 113° F)
Storage temperature -30° to 60°C (-22° to 140° F)
Operating humidity 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage humidity 20 to 95% (no condensation)
Vibration resistance 10 G (20 to 200 Hz)
Shock resistance 70 G

Supplied Accessories

Lens mount cap.  
Operating instructions  

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