Service centre ELVIA - Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for professional and consumer electronics.

(The exception is for Playstations, VAIO, digital camcorders and cameras - for these only accessories are available).

On request, we provide price information on spare parts and accessories:

  • you can e-mail us on servis@elvia.cz
  • or contact us by phone on +420 220 311 190

To order spare parts or accessories you can do that by:

  • sending us an e-mail to: servis@elvia.cz


  • Batteries, chargers
  • Remote controllers
  • Projector lamps and picture projectors
  • Connecting cables
  • Supply adaptors
  • Headphones and remote controllers for Walkmans, diskmans and MDs
  • We supply all other accessories for Sony gadgetry

For spare parts orders we ask for 50% deposit.

It is possible to send accessories or spare parts by DPD courier.