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Service Centre ELVIA - Professional Equipment

We provide Warranty and Out of Warranty Service:

  • The entire range of audio-video equipment SONY (full range of Broadcast & Pro Audio/Video Products, Medical Imaging Technology, Projectors and Public displays, CCTV and Video Security Products, etc. ...)
  • SONY Video Printers and Digital Photography Printers
  • SONY equipment with the Prime Support quality assurance
  • Canon and Fujinon TV lenses & accessories
  • Camera Support Systems Vinten and Sachtler
  • Equipment of the following manufacturers: Imagine Communications, Harris, Videotek, RTW
  • It is possible to repair non-Sony professional equipment (by mutual agreement)
  • We service all equipment sold by ELVIA-PRO and ELVIA
  • Following prior agreement it is possible to repair at customer's place