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19" racks

  • The ELVIA company produces customized technical furniture for studios, cutting rooms, control rooms, etc. The technical furniture is made according to customer demands and is available in all shapes and sizes. Basic types include technological tables, LCD monitor walls and technical infrastructure for broadcasting vans (see Technical furniture).
  • Technological racks for broadcasting vans in the standardized width of 19 inches (482.6 mm) are made as either open or closed with front and back doors and with legs. Both types are suitable for being equipped by stand-alone units, interconnecting and covering panels and basins with 19-inch wide module units.
  • Racks are manufactured in the standardized height from 10 to 45 modules in three depths - 650, 750 and 850 mm.
  • Each rack has tin sidewalls, upper ventilation cap and back doors on either right or left side. Front doors can be filled or fitted with a smoky acrylic sheet.


RAL 7030 and RAL 7032 varnish is used for surface modification of all racks. Upon customer demand, we also supply racks of other colors or with wooden sidewalls that come in different colors. We also provide small wheels for transport, locks for doors, upper covering panels with ventilation units depending to the rack input as well as other accessories and assembly parts.

Racks are made from bent sheet metal and can be delivered assembled or in the form of building blocks for easier transport.


Examples of other accessories:

[tech-nabytek/rack_03.jpg] Police s čely E-2U, E-3U, E-4U
[tech-nabytek/rack_04.jpg] Vedení V-PP levé
[tech-nabytek/rack_05.jpg] Vedení V-PP pravé
[tech-nabytek/rack_10.jpg] Police bez větrání
[tech-nabytek/rack_13.jpg] Držáky kabeláže HK1-650, HK1-750 a HK1-850
[tech-nabytek/rack_14.jpg] Krycí panely MP-1U, MP-2U a MP-3U
[tech-nabytek/rack_08.jpg] Police s větráním VTR-R15, VTR-R16
[tech-nabytek/rack_07.jpg] Držák vedení (pár)
[tech-nabytek/rack_06.jpg] Držáky výsuvných polic HP1-650, HP1-750, HP1-850
[tech-nabytek/rack_09.jpg] Větrací mřížka VP-1
[tech-nabytek/rack_11.jpg] Maska police VTR
[tech-nabytek/rack_12.jpg] Vedení VC pár
[tech-nabytek/rack_15.jpg] Větrací mřížka VP-2