Technical desks and LCD monitor walls - MODULAR Pro

The Elvia company offers complex units of technical desks which are made in the form of a construction set. A customer can thus order a technical desk set according to his/her own configuration. Descriptions of MODULAR PRO products are available in the PDF files below:

Modular Pro - technical desks [PDF]
Modular Pro - LCD monitor walls [PDF]

Technical desks are designed for TV and radio studios, security control rooms and industrial control rooms. Desks are designed in such a way as to allow a large degree of variability to meet specific demands of customers while at the same time using standardized construction parts for efficient production and short delivery time.

Technical desks:

  • Any length, also possible in multiples of 19"
  • Many types of worktops
  • Internal space for cables and minor equipment
  • Cable pass-through legs
  • Easy manipulation with cover sheets
  • Other equipment (extensions for PC,230V, etc.)
  • Color designed according to customers’ wishes

LCD Monitor walls:

  • Load-bearing parts from AL strut profiles
  • Steel base and steel connection parts
  • Compatible with Vogels and B Tech hardware
  • Stand-alone or attached to the floor
  • Straight or tilted sets
  • Single or multiple rows of LCD monitors
  • Tilting monitors one by one or as an entire row


MODULAR Light - economy solution

More information can be found in the Specialized Furniture Overview section.


Technical desks – examples of realizations

Checkroom, button control, control monitors, measuring instruments, control computers, intercommunication – all inbuilt according to customers’ wishes.


It is possible to inbuilt all types of devices into the console extension of a technical desk. The desk can be interconnected with another type of technology – 19" rack.