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System Integration of Metalworking department

The metalworking department specialises above all in production of functional furniture and equipment for control rooms and technologies used in TV studios and mobile TV production vans. We construct multi monitor walls, 19-inch racks for technological equipment, equipment enclosures and cabinets – all custom-made, in all shapes and sizes. The entire scope of this type of production is covered in the References section.

Individual orders of various kinds are handled by our locksmith services.

The locksmith services

The main pillars of Elvia’s locksmith services are steel and stainless steel products, such as steel and stainless steel railings, industrial metal windows, entrance doors and hall gates, metal staircases, stainless steel consoles and holders, stainless steel coatings for walls and pillars and expanded metal fencing for designated areas.

Elvia provides solutions for welded, bended and machine-tooled parts and whole mechanical units. In addition, Elvia designs functional furniture and equipment for technology and control rooms and offers the possibility to assemble the electronic equipment. When installing large units, we perform pre-assembly in our assembly shop.

We use SOLID EDGE and AUTOCAD programmes.

For samples of our installations, see here: the locksmith service installations.

Production technology:

  • Welding stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass and bronze in an inert atmosphere
  • Sheet metal (steel and stainless steel) manufacturing by using a hydraulic punching press with the possibility of bending on an edge-bending press
  • Cutting 3mm thick sheet metal
  • Lathe-machining of small rotational parts and milling right-angled shapes on the milling machine
  • Sharpening of plane surfaces

Surface finishing:

  • Wet painting of products burnt in a furnace or by powdered technology
  • Galvanizing and sanding
  • Polishing, brushing and sharpening of stainless less parts