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Diagnostic Technology

Since the beginning, the ELVIA company has developed and applied the CCTV for the most hi-tech branches of industry. These are the branches of industry that demand high reliability and endurance of the used devices in extreme operating conditions (vibrations, radiation, pressure, temperature, etc.), as well as a design according to high-specific customer's demand.

From the area of specialized TV devices, we try to satisfy the widest range of customers who demand both color and black and white TV sets, and the systems intended for environments, that require water proofness, vibrations, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and increased radiation resistance.

The devices have often a direct relationship to other systems. The devices are comparatively expensive, but their price is only a part of similar devices produced by foreign companies. However, our effort is to choose a construction of the devices, such as to be able to enhance them.

The development of the special TV chains is in a close relationship with the mastering of long distance video transmission by means of optical fibers or telephone links, power supply and control signals transmission for the moving cameras by the means of signal leads, and various modifications of external cameras synchronization.