Outside Broadcasting vans

We have designed and manufactured mobile TV systems for many years. In the beginning, these were the monitoring and testing vans, later the vans with production and broadcasting technologies. Through the years, small production and reporting vans, large production vans, microwave and data links OB vans have been produced. Each van is manufactured according to our customer's demands.

Broadcasting Vans - Picture Catalog 2010 [PDF]

EN Catalog - Broadcasting Vans 2013 [english PDF]

RU Catalog - Broadcasting Vans 2013 [russian PDF]

Before the implementation, there are many meetings and discussions over the project. The choice of the vehicle and of the build-in technologies is based upon our customer's demand. Products of all the world renown companies, as well as Elvia products are used. Generally, we both equip the modified serial vehicles and manufacture complete specialized van bodies on serial vehicle chassis.

The assembly of the OB vans takes place in our new assembly hall in our manufacturing area. It has a capacity for a simultaneous assembly of two large OB vans, or four to six small ones.