- - - Company´s Profile - - -

Subject of Enterprise:

  • authorised SONY dealer
  • implementation of systems in TV, audio, control and communication technologies
  • electronic manufacturing services, metalworking
  • authorised service of SONY, AIWA, TOSHIBA, DAEWOO, SANYO, SENCOR, JVC

Fields of activities:

  • professional TV studios
  • outside broadcasting cars
  • camcorder and security alarm systems for industry
  • special cameras systems for industry
  • audio-visual and conference technology
  • electronic measurement of media

Technical-economic Background:

  • manufacturing and business premises in Prague, Hloubětín, Poděbradská 51, area of 18.000 m2
  • on April 1st, 2012 the company had 68 full-time employees
  • in the last 10 years the annual company´s turnover has not dropped under 110 million Czech crowns

- - - Company´s Focus - - -

Studio Technology

  • Manufacturing - devices for audio/video signals
    processing and distribution, for professional
  • Installation and assembly - TV studios, TV vans,
    transmission routes control stations
  • Audio/video systems and workstations

Control and Communication Technology

  • Security and monitoring systems, communication
    systems for large facilities
  • Control, guarding and monitoring systems for
    both mobile and stationary objects, based on the
    GPS and GSM principles
  • Remote data gathering systems, based on the
    GSM principles

Authorized SONY Service

  • Customer service of consumer and professional
    SONY products (or AIWA, TOSHIBA, DAEWOO,

  • IP cam systems, distribution, recording, evaluation
  • Special diagnostic TV systems for nuclear power
    engineering, water pipeline and sewerage systems,
    medical science
  • Complete CCTV systems for guarding and
    surveillance systems

Metal Industry

  • Locksmith production on CNC machines,
    tooling, mechanical assembly
  • Technology furniture, instruments racks
  • Cable rollers, automatic and manual
  • Special camera housings
  • Custom metalwork, stainless steel processing

Electrical Industry

  • SMT and "classical" technology boards assembly
  • Instruments assembly