Welcome to the official Website of ELVIA Company Ltd.

ELVIA Company Ltd is a parent company to a group of companies controlled by common management:

  • ELVIA Company Ltd - established in 1991 – service, production, installation, trade/shop
  • ELVIA-PRO Company Ltd - established in 1991 – trade/shop, TV studios, outside broadcasting vans
  • ELVIA-PRO SLOVAKIA Ltd - established in 1994 – daughter company of ELVIA-PRO
  • MEV Praha Company Ltd - Member of the group since 1996 – production of printed circuits
  • ELVIA-PRO Deutchland GmBH - established in 2009 – daughter company of ELVIA-PRO


The system of closely cooperating and simultaneously independently administering subjects enables us to fulfil any of your wishes concerning not only SONY products supplies but also systemic supplies of TV, audio-visual, security/alarm and camcorder systems supported with their own design, developmental and manufacturing activities.

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