Digital signage

Digital Signage is a system of electronic displays installed in public places. Their purpose is usually to display news,
traveller information or location-specific information as text or image and also advertisements – photos, video clips, etc.

Elvia’s solutions:

Elvia has its own solution when it comes to Digital Signage systems. Similarly to our other applications, our aim is to do
our best to satisfy customer demand, which is why we prefer a personal approach by using modular Digital Signage system.

The basis for our solution consists of our own PC configuration software. For Digital Signage Players, we use mini PC systems
with a Windows OS and with application software capable of displaying multimedia content on an LCD panel.

This software enables us to establish user-friendly environment ready to meet special customer demands. Also, our own software
is able to facilitate general access into the system (logical inputs, serial communication) for integration of call-in systems,
alarm announcements, etc.

Digital Signage can be used in:[motivy/panel_digital_signage.jpg]

  • Advertisements on commercial premises
  • Navigation inside buildings (e.g. location of meetings)
  • Waiting room entertainment (also used in bars, etc.)
  • Sport centers (display of scores)
  • Transportation (departures, arrivals, takeoffs, landings, delays)

Type of displayed media:

  • Picture (a fixed picture or a sequence of pictures)
  • Video (commercials, informative videos)
  • Audio (background music, verbal commentary)
  • Text (text information, manual update)
  • Documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, Power Point)
  • Internet (web pages, RSS)

For Digital Signage solutions we offer:

  • Professional LCD displays of all sizes
  • Video walls
  • Video conferences
  • Audio and video systems
  • Software solutions
  • Design, consultation, service